Sylvie Bilger

For the past thirty years Sylvie Michel Bilger of Metamorfaux has been creating custom wall finishes. Her versatility stems from a traditional decorative painting training and her strong ability to create innovative finishes. After attending the Van Der Kellen Institute in Brussels, Sylvie worked at the Chateau de Versailles for two years. Initially based in Paris, Sylvie Michel Bilger brought her business to New York City. Metamorfaux came to specialize in creating custom wall finishes for private residences. Creating a wide variety of finishes, such as accent walls, murals, stencils, painted floors, trompe l'oeil, woodgraining, marbleizing, and gold leafing. More recently Metamorfaux has specialized in developing innovative techniques for creating texture in Venetian plaster. This new line takes inspiration from organic forms found in nature. Metamorfaux has worked for various clients in New York City, Connecticut, The Hamptons, Los Angeles, and Florida.